About me

Dear friends of beautiful stationary products!

My greeting cards for everyday, Christmas and special occasions, my ornament envelopes, note
booklets, gift papers, birthday calendars and post cards are intended to impart a piece of a happy,
beautiful, homely idyllic world.

Since 2008, ages ago, it is my vision to produce something unique and special - a world I am wishing for -
full of beauty, bright colours and happy faces. An invitation into a world of enchantment - that is
what ‘Edition Tausendschön’ is standing for. My product line is meant to be a quaintly affectionate
homage to a nostalgic past and designs with love for exquisite detail.

In me arose the wish to publish nostalgic greeting cards and stationery products, which
should touch the heart and display the beauty and richness of life. Out of this grew the maxim of
my company: “I love what I publish” and this is mirrored in all my products.

„Lovingly created and manufactured in Germany" is my company's philosophy.
Through a sustainable production - entirely in Germany - I want to contribute in securing local
places of work and make sure that all our products are manufactured under the German environ-
mental standards - for the sake of our global environment and all future generations!

Dear customers, I want to offer you accomplished stationery products of premium design, which
are exquisite, selected with love and care, nostalgic in style, and yet of timeless beauty, and which
will have the effect of making you and your customers happy and positive-minded!



Wishing you much joy and happiness with my products,

Karin E. Hampel from